New study says HIV has a “significant” impact on aging process - Queerty

New study says HIV has a “significant” impact on aging process - Queerty

New study says HIV has a “significant” impact on aging process - Queerty
Aug 06, 2022 57 secs

A new study says HIV infection has an “early and substantial” impact on the aging process.

The researchers found this negative impact took hold within the first 2-3 years of infection.

Even on treatment, those living with the virus could lose up to five years of their lifespan, they warn.

The study looked at blood samples from 102 men before infection, and then 2-3 years after infection.

The study looked specifically at changes at the DNA level.

These changes took place, “just before infection and ending two to three years after, in the absence of highly active antiretroviral treatment.

When treatment commenced, it took up to a couple of years for the impact to be partially reversed.

That study found the biological age of those with infection to be between 1-3 years older than their actual age.

“This study demonstrates very clearly that HIV itself can change the rate of epigenetic aging, increasing a person’s long-term risk for a shorter health span.

We are in the process of following this up to better understand the relationship between these epigenetic changes and the health outcomes experienced by people living with treated HIV.”.

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