Next-gen Nest Wifi shows up at FCC, complete with Wi-Fi 6E - 9to5Google

Next-gen Nest Wifi shows up at FCC, complete with Wi-Fi 6E - 9to5Google

Next-gen Nest Wifi shows up at FCC, complete with Wi-Fi 6E - 9to5Google
Aug 15, 2022 1 min, 9 secs

Google is now one step closer to releasing a next generation of its Nest Wifi mesh router, with the new model showing up at the FCC and revealing its Wi-Fi 6E connectivity.

A new Google device showed up at the FCC today with the model number “G6ZUC,” which we’ve confirmed is the model number for the upcoming successor to the Nest Wifi router.

The previous Nest Wifi system only supported the older Wi-Fi 5 standard, despite releasing around the same time that Wi-Fi 6 devices began to arrive.

While direct support for Wi-Fi 6E is still a bit limited at this point — though the Pixel 6 series and most flagship Android phones from 2021 and newer are supported — the tech is actually excellently suited to being used in a Nest Wifi mesh router.

That said, it’s not clear whether Google intends to sell dedicated Nest Wifi points that are compatible with Wi-Fi 6e.

Thus far, there has only been evidence of Google developing this new Nest Wifi router, with no sign of a new speaker-equipped Nest Wifi point in the Google Home app’s code.

Like the Google Wifi before it, though, you should be able to connect multiple routers together to form your mesh network.

According to the included paperwork, Google has requested that details of this Nest Wifi router be kept confidential by the FCC for the next six months.

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