Nicole Mann: Astronaut becomes first Native American woman in space

Nicole Mann: Astronaut becomes first Native American woman in space

Nicole Mann: Astronaut becomes first Native American woman in space
Oct 05, 2022 57 secs

Watch: SpaceX crew blast off to join International Space Station.

A US astronaut has become the first Native American woman in space following a Nasa launch on Wednesday,.

Marine Colonel Nicole Mann, 45, is one of four astronauts who blasted off from Florida at midday bound for the International Space Station (ISS).

Col Mann told the BBC that she hoped the mission would inspire future generations of Native Americans.

Despite only being allowed to bring a limited amount of personal items - such as her wedding ring and photographs - Col Mann told the BBC that that she planned on bringinh a reminder of her family's Native American roots.

The remaining members of the crew include another American, John Cassada, as well as Japan's Koichi Wakta and Russian cosmonaut Anna Kikina.

The participation of Ms Kikina - the only woman currently in the Russian space agency's cosmonaut corps - continues the existing ride share agreement between Russia and the US.

The returning astronauts include Samantha Cristoforetti, Europe's first female commander of the International Space Station.

First Native American woman to travel to space.

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