Nintendo Acknowledges Blue Switch Lite Colour Argument With Handy Comparison Video - Nintendo Life
May 10, 2021 4 mins, 34 secs

"Waluigi vs Nintendo Switch Lite Blue".

As it so often does, the internet had a minor meltdown when Nintendo officially unveiled its latest console last month; the new Switch Lite Blue immediately divided fans thanks to its colouring which, in some official promo images, looked slightly more purple than its blue namesake would suggest?

We've seen folk adamant that it's blue, purple, blurple, and indigo – the term used to describe Nintendo's purplish Game Boy Advance and GameCube consoles.

Officially, it's 'blue', and recent comparisons definitely rule out the indigo flavouring from the Game Boy Advance, so we imagine the argument is starting to settle down.

Seen below, Nintendo Minute's Kit and Krysta compare the new console to a number of blue and purple amiibo figures to help you decide, because that's how all colour tests should be carried out, obviously.

It's definitely not Waluigi Purple, but it's not quite Mario dungaree blue either – oh no, it's happening again.

It's blue, right.

It's the color inbetween blue and purple - aka indigo.

To me it’s clearly a blue that leans towards red and very far from light blue and greens giving it a hint of purple but still firmly blue.

Sigh it's dark blue , it's fine I don't love it though might be best of none limited edition lites.

Also captain falcon is and always has been blue...

You could just as easily say it's a different shade of purple compared to waluigi like they do with marios overalls...

The real controversy is the assertion that Captain Falcon, pilot of the Blue Falcon, is clearly purple.

blurple = blue + purple.

= blue + red = purple.


They skipped Cpt Falcon pretty quickly when they noticed both a pretty much the same shade of blue.

@ok1 no why would it happen cant see any requirement for families to own multiple xbox or ps5 consoles but switch badically forces it with games like animal crossing etc and generally how its played good for nintendo terrible for the customer.

First, blue + red isn't purple.

Purple is when you add more blue to magenta, which brings us to:.

blue + blue + red isn't the same as blue + red, and purple shows this off.

You seem to have forgotten that there is a whole gradient of colors between blue and (blue + red), of which different proportions of blue will change it.

Good on those who like the color though, I hope you have fun with it.

(And technically, RBY aren't sufficient subtractive primaries, and rather CMY colors for are better for subtractive blending, which are just the midpoints of the additive model, but I guess RBY is still regularly taught to children.).

The actual point is that his use of the associative property and adding two colors yielding the same color, doesn't hold for color blending, so his attempt to say (red + blue) + blue = red + (blue + blue) = red + blue is false reasoning.

I just want new joy-con colors!

I added CMYK colors to my comment as well in case other people reading this may be interested.

@Roibeard64 For Switch Lite colors, I like the gray the best for how it contrasts with the buttons.

We have a standard Switch as the main console that stays docked for playing on the TV or gets used for Labo

Each of us have a Switch lite so we have our own screens when we play together for Minecraft, Among Us, Animal Crossing, Obakeidoro, and others

We use the main (TV) switch for games like Mario Party, Ultra Foodmess, etc

We can argue about gradation's names or lamis terms secondary colors, but it's main Hue is Blue

Didn't know this was happening again, all I remember upon release of this switch I thinking how it's my favorite shade of blue and wouldn't mind owning it =

@Darkqwerty But again, there will be games like that for the PS5 and Series X

People will buy the new colors of the the consoles

@BAN because the certain popular games like animal crossing that only have one save file if you have multiple kids interested they need a switch each

@ok1 ive seen many people on facebook showing off multiple different colours of switch original and lite most still sealed

Cherry picking one game out of thousands, and ignoring the 4,000 games that aren't like that one specific game, isn't a strong foundation on which to make an argument

Just like I have a sealed Monster Hunter World PS4 Pro

Switch is a very personal system, one you can take with you, and to that end, people like having their own

@Quix Well, color dominance isn't really related to blending/mixing colors, so it's not particularly relevant here

Color dominance is related to design — which colors will stand out more compared to surrounding colors

But primary colors tend to be the most dominant, which would be cyan, magenta and yellow in a subtractive process

And then let's not even get into the issue with labeling colors, because a lot of how we deal with the design theories like what you're talking about are very limited by language and the frame of reference we have for labeling colors

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