Nintendo Launches Official Website For Newly Acquired 'Nintendo Pictures' - Nintendo Life

Nintendo Launches Official Website For Newly Acquired 'Nintendo Pictures' - Nintendo Life

Nintendo Launches Official Website For Newly Acquired 'Nintendo Pictures' - Nintendo Life
Oct 03, 2022 2 mins, 42 secs

Company previously known as 'Dynamo Pictures'.

Earlier this year, it was announced that Nintendo would be acquiring the visual production company 'Dynamo Pictures, Inc.' and subsequently rename it 'Nintendo Pictures'.

As previously stated, Nintendo Pictures will be focusing on "producing visual content for Nintendo IP", though what exactly this will entail is up in the air at the moment.

is a video production company wholly owned by Nintendo Co., Ltd!

We aim to have consumers around the world learn about Nintendo characters through video, and to create unique videos that will remain in their memories forever.

Bold words from Nintendo Pictures there.

We'll certainly be keeping an eye on what this new branch comes out with in the future, but we wish everyone there the very best of luck.

What do you hope to see from Nintendo Pictures in the future.

The quality of the Pikmin Short Movies was actually surprisingly good imo, excited to see how they could improve future games!

I’m hoping by video content, they mean movies and series, not the scatty bits and pieces they put on that 3DS video app from back in the day?

Would they move all their content there to their wholly owned site.

Maybe Big N realised that games like TLoU are also an intersting option for them.

Hopefully they'll surprise us with quality content.

It's worth noting that one of the new Nintendo directors for Nintendo Pictures is Yoshiaki Koizumi, who is a senior executive officer and deputy general manager at Nintendo EPD (as well as one of the lead producers for the Switch platform and all the 3D Mario games).

This is clearly a very big deal for Nintendo.

Just don't move away from games Ninty.

its easy to dog on the concept of illumination making a mario movie, but it really is exciting to see nintendo potentially jump into more films.

I'm pretty sure Nintendo already does motion capture for some of their games, particularly with the Zelda games.

@reporterdavid Mario movie is by Illumination, Mario movie is been working by Illumination since 2018

@Max_the_German Nintendo does motion capture for some of it franchises, Legend of Zelda use motion capture since Ocarina of Time

Time for the Nintendo Cinematic Universe, NCU

I want a Fire Emblem anime but regardless I hope Nintendo really expands more into anime’s and movies in the near future

It will be interesting to see what Nintendo comes up with

They might have a hand in feature films, animated shorts, ads, or just better cutscenes in games

I don’t know about feature-length considering Nintendo already has Illumination for “bigger” movies

I miss when they made the Nintendo TV stuff on 3DS with the little shorts and animations

Imagine a Nintendo app competing with the other streamers

@Dev9417 I think some people are just hoping they'll be producing feature films out of a distaste for Illumination

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