Nintendo May Have Issued A Copyright Claim To Take Down Some Raunchy Bowser Art - Nintendo Life
Apr 12, 2021 2 mins, 41 secs
Then again, why are you reading about video games at work.

Patreon has long been a (relatively) safe haven for NSFW artists, with the genre of "adult games" alone making some creators over $76,000 a month.

3D artist AkkoArcade is not making the kinds of sums that have to be carted away in big bags with dollar signs on them like a Looney Tunes cartoon, but they are still making a pretty decent $1,481 a month with their 3D models on Patreon.

These detailed models can be paid for, downloaded, and used for animations - except for one particular model, no thanks to Nintendo.

Almost three years later, Nintendo of America evidently found it (or someone pretending to be Nintendo, at least) and issued a DMCA Takedown - a copyright claim that forces the creator to take down their artwork?

This isn't the first time that Nintendo has got their hands dirty with dirty content, either - they issued a DMCA takedown last year for a hentai-inspired game called "Peach's Untold Tale".

Adult creators can easily claim the "parody" defence, but taking on Nintendo in a legal battle is probably too much of a drain on resources to bother.

Still, in slightly more upbeat news, several of AkkoArcade's fans replied to their tweet to point out that the 3D rendering of Bowser's FLUDD must have been quite accurate for Nintendo to insist on its removal, thereby making it canon?

Was this a dick move by Nintendo, or is their case rock-solid.

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I am a man of honour, and I pledge not to prostitute Nintendo characters for 76K a month!

So does like a nintendo worker just Look up Nintendo porn and they happen to find this, afterwards tell nintendo and acts like he has never seen anything like it.

I only think what Kate & NL tell me to think.<3.

@KateGray Tell me Kate do you love giving us articles like this.

like idk MARIO FARTING!!.

Both of which are sold for cash, both have depicted Nintendo characters in less than "family friendly" ways, and neither have been sued by Nintendo.

Like whenever Isabelle is trending on Twitter

That's why Nintendo had to buy the rights to Super Hornio Brothers for it to stop being distributed

So yeah, if Nintendo hasn't brought the rights to Bowser's horny peen then they are in the wrong in this case

Not really surprising that Nintendo is so strict about their IP

Maybe Nintendo needs to go after this stuff because they are planning on releasing a new game titled "Bowser's Furry" soon

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