Nintendo's Indie World Sale Discounts Some Cracking Games On Switch - Nintendo Life
Apr 15, 2021 2 mins, 12 secs

As part of yesterday's Indie World Showcase, Nintendo revealed that it was kicking off an Indie sale on the Switch eShop.

There are lots of games on sale right now (some as part of this promotion, and many more that just so happen to be reduced at the same time), so there are plenty of bargains to be had?

Prices below are listed in USD, but similar discounts can be found in other regions, too:.

Feel free to click on any games that take your fancy to read all our coverage of them, including reviews where possible, and let us – and other Nintendo Life readers – know which games you're considering picking up with a comment below.

So I suppose these discounts do work then...

I keep missing it when it goes on sale?

I wanna know why Will of the Wisps sees all (i.e. I bought it physical for 40% off, now it's the digital's turn) the discounts but Blind Forest gets none.

No, not all of these games seems to be discounted in Europe.

So no, not "similar discounts can be found in other regions".

You really should specify which region these sale prices concerns?

Will you be doing a similar article for the European discounts.

One of the best games ever made.

I was going to buy MH Rise this week but decided to wait after the Indie World due to the fact that after some tries to make the demo appeal to me, it just didn't convince me.

Now I forgot about it and finally decided to get Dead Cells on sale.

Hope it was the right decision.

@Controller-Drift dead cells is a great game.

Can’t believe I’ve owned it on 360, PS4, and now want to get it on Switch

@Controller-Drift Getting Dead Cells is never the wrong decision

Don’t think you’ll regret Dead Cells, though

It's on sale right now and it's probably the best Zelda-inspired game I have ever played

@Toshiro_Baloney there's a good number of games that were added to the sale in the US eshop today

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