Nolte: Report Says Quarter of Americans Will Cancel Cable TV in 2021
Jan 13, 2021 1 min, 25 secs

This is another disaster for left-wing Hollywood and the fake news media, for it is through the cable TV racket that naïve Americans pay a monthly fortune for channels they never watch.

It’s obscene, it’s left-wing affirmative action, and only through canceling your cable (or satellite TV) can you bring this obscenity to an end.

Oh, and then there’s the sports issue… In the past, one of the biggest reasons people held on to their obnoxiously-priced cable TV package was news and sports.

consumers cite live sports as a reason to maintain their cable TV subscription; Trade Desk says nine months prior that number was at 60%.

Since the pandemic, Trade Desk says that 39% of sports viewers are watching live sports either through Connected TVs or social media.

Also, consumers are more than five-times as likely to prefer free or low-cost streaming TV with ads over services with higher monthly subscription fees with no ads (72% vs. 14%), Trade Desk found.

This means a lot less money for Hollywood and the fake news media?

Right now, if you are silly enough to still pay for cable (I canceled five years ago), you are subsidizing pretty much every major media conglomerate out there, because at least some of their channels are forced onto your package.

Finally, you are also going to find a lot more free streaming outlets popping up, places like IMDB TV and Pluto, that offer all kinds of TV and movies, and all for free if you are willing to sit through a few  commercials (Pluto is great, like a free cable package).

These streaming outlets with ads do not have anywhere near that amount of ads, and they are free

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