October's Scary Big Pile of New Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror Books - Gizmodo

October's Scary Big Pile of New Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror Books - Gizmodo

October's Scary Big Pile of New Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror Books - Gizmodo
Sep 30, 2022 3 mins, 56 secs

The Kingmaker Chronicles series continues as the king’s younger sister seeks a legendary island to find the antidote to break a curse plaguing the royal family—while a war between the gods brews on the horizon.

This novel returns to the far-future world of the author’s Sand, following a family of siblings struggling to survive and find hope in the post-apocalypse—as well as a woman who seeks revenge in the desert after an atomic bomb destroys her community.

The Kingdom of Bones fantasy series continues as Csilla settles into her new role as pirate leader, hunting for a traitor with the help of Kane, though they’re soon preoccupied with another hunt: finding the magical Lorelei, who’s gone missing.

The sequel to Child of Light picks back up with Auris in her blissful new life living among the Fae. but her happiness is short-lived when Goblins appear again, still determined to capture her for reasons she doesn’t yet understand.

The Joseph Bridgeman series continues as the time-traveler heads out on a dangerous new mission while investigating the mysterious organization that’s targeting the group he works for.

In a world altered by devastating climate change and an ongoing pandemic, a couple heads out on a post-apocalyptic, cross-country odyssey to save their daughter from a cult.

When a woman’s husband is arrested for a shocking murder, she’s forced to face another similar death in her past and draw on her magic powers to determine if she’s somehow unknowingly involved in both crimes.

When a young woman turns 18, she realizes she’s inherited the gift of being able to see the stories from long-dead family members play out before her eyes.

When a woman returns to her hometown to help out her pregnant twin sister, she’s attacked by an animal...

A reunion between estranged childhood friends turns dark when they both become deeply affected by the centuries-old ghost of a woman accused of being a child-murdering witch.

A new urban fantasy series begins with this Boston-set tale of a witch who flunks out of an elite training program, but ends up tapping into his talents when his former mentor is murdered and he becomes the top suspect.

On an island off the coast of Scotland, a cop’s arrival to investigate a murder interrupts the community’s sacred ceremony to bring about the end of the world.

The Mystic Trilogy, set in a world where the human and fae worlds have merged, concludes as the mystic Pomella undertakes a dangerous journey to save her island and her people.

The author of Wicked returns to that world with his Another Day series, following the magical adventures of Elphaba’s granddaughter in the land across the sea from Oz.

The latest from the author of Cursed Objects explores famous and not-so-famous tales of mysterious monsters across America (including the Lizard Man of South Carolina and the Flatwoods Monster of West Virginia), as well as the impacts they’ve had on the communities where they supposedly dwell

A woman who dreams of a career on the stage digs into her mysterious past, which includes famous actors as well as, possibly, a great African warrior and an inter-dimensional alien

The sequel to The Witch Haven finds Frances traveling to Paris to figure out why she’s begun to have problems with her powers, only to get caught up in a life-or-death mystery involving nefarious magicians

This latest entry in the ongoing anthology series gathers 20 original horror stories from established and emerging authors, perfect for spooky season

The Adam Binder series continues as he continues to pursue the warlock that threatens his family, a quest that leads him all the way into the underworld

The fourth novel in the John Dies at the End series picks back up with Dave, John, and Amy, who’re used to taking on supernatural threats, but not so accustomed to dealing with apocalypses

“The definitive edition of Robert Louis Stevenson’s immortal tale of depraved murder and unrelenting horror, introduced by Joe Hill, annotated by Edgar-winner Leslie S

The High and Faraway series continues as Aster pursues a clue left behind by her late father, who she’s only recently learned helped cause the curse plaguing the magical land where she lives

The sequel to The Atlas Six picks back up with its magician characters to dig further into the alarmingly powerful Society of Alexandrians

The latest from the author of The Witcher series wraps up the Hussite trilogy, about the adventures of a 15th-century “scoundrel, magician, and possibly a fool.” (October 25)

The sixth entry in the Donovan series “returns to a treacherous alien planet where corporate threats and dangerous creatures imperil the lives of the colonists.” (October 25)

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