One Major Side Effect of Drinking Protein Shakes, Says Science Eat This, Not That! - msnNOW
May 11, 2021 1 min, 5 secs

Some protein powders, premade shakes, and smoothie shop protein drinks can lead to weight gain and the tagalong health downsides of extra pounds, say nutrition experts.

Weight gain is just one major potential side effect of drinking protein shakes that you'll want to avoid if you are using them to muscle up or slim down.

A Purdue University study published in Nutrition Reviews suggests that drinking protein shakes as snacks may end up causing you to swallow more daily calories and gain weight.

The analysis of research papers found that when people consumed protein supplements with meals, they tended to adjust the number of calories they ate at mealtime to account for the protein supplement calories.

"People who consume protein supplements in between meals may be less successful in managing their body weight," said study author Wayne Campbell, PhD, a professor of nutritional sciences at Purdue.

A study in Clinical Nutrition demonstrated this: Researchers analyzed dietary protein using a food-frequency questionnaire and found a significant association with risk of weight gain when protein replaced carbohydrates in people's diets but not when protein replaced the higher calorie fat.

"Drinking too many protein shakes may contribute to blood sugar fluctuations and weight gain.".

In addition to weight gain, consuming too many protein shakes can cause other negative side effects.

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