Online Retailer Cancels Orders For Super Mario 3D All-Stars Due To
Sep 12, 2020 12 mins, 20 secs

When Super Mario 3D All-Stars was announced last week, Nintendo made it very clear it would be a "limited release".

ResetEra user 'Geobros' shared the message they recently received from Base, while also noting how they were "one of the first buyers there" and ordered the game on 4th September (the day after the game was announced)?

"We have just been notified of our allocation of Super Mario 3D All-stars (Nintendo Switch) and it is woefully short.

This follows on from last weekend when it was discovered scalpers were already attempting to resell their own copies of the game on eBay, along with the news the 3-in-1 collection had become the second best-selling game of this year over on Amazon?

Have you had any issues securing a physical copy of Super Mario 3D All-Stars.

Nintendo aren't going to be prioritising small online retailers when it comes to stock, I'm friends with a game shop owner on Facebook and he's been allocated more stock than he was expecting. Also the Nintendo store still has them as does Amazon and Game so its hardly that difficult to buy.

I see people using this as a way to say "Gotcha Nintendo! This shouldn't be a limited release!'?

2) This BASE store isn't the only thing smoking in the UK as I'm aware that according to some of my UK buddies, they had no clue what BASE was and Amazon UK as well as GAME is taking pre-orders according to them.?

3) Don't expect lesser known retailers to have a huge amount of stock of this game.

good job I swapped my pre-order from base a while back XD just waiting for Olympus to fall now.

I just double-checked my order on Best Buy to see if it’s still valid and it hasn’t been canceled yet so there’s a chance it might just be a UK issue.

@PcTV Agreed, employees getting first dibs on new products coming in shouldn’t be a thin and it also affects some collectable markets, I know Funko (BOO! HISS!) has the same issue when it comes to certain big box retailers.

Companies like Shopto, Base and The Game Collection offer some big discounts and I've always had good service from them?

@Northwind fair enough, I'm banned from Shopto anyway because the game I ordered never got delivered and they never responded to any communication from me or PayPal, yet from their perspective thats somehow my fault.

This news only makes me glad I pre-ordered one from Best Buy and one from Amazon.

Now I know why Nintendo always failed in the European market compare to their rival Sega.

Specifically, the part that reads: 'Nintendo can do what they want with games on their catalog'.

Just as it is the manufacturer's right to do as they wish with their products, so too is it the consumer's right to have and to vocalise an opinion regarding those choices on the part of the manufacturer.

So, the statement you made is true but I fail to see how it's especially relevant (seeing as you seem to be addressing your comment to those here who have reacted negatively to the news of it being limited).

Normally I'll go through shopto or Base but for this I went directly to Nintendo just for this type of reason.

F to everyone effected, although stock is still available on the Nintendo UK site so it's not as limited as it seems (and definitely not a Scalpers paradise)!

Gonna be gutted if this doesn't arrive from Amazon next Friday.

That statement made by myself is geared towards those folks trying to use this as a weapon to bolster their distain because the game is indeed limited....(And Nintendo never had limited anything before amIrite? 🤔).

But hey, like you say, people can complain and say whatever they want just like I can 🤷‍♂️.

I already have 3D Allstars preloaded on my Switch and I'm really glad I don't have to worry about physical stuff anymore.

@JuiceMan_V: 'And Nintendo never had limited anything before amIrite?'.

A friend of mine once preordered Pokemon Sword from them and they cancelled it and sent an email blaming Nintendo.

I'm sure Mario 3D All Stars is more limited, but I managed to order from Amazon and then switched over to The Game Collection (so I could get those points they offer) with no problems on availability?

@JuiceMan_V pretty much, I've seen countless videos on YouTube about it too and of course the awful news that Mario 64 looks like Mario 64.

Worst case scenario people can just buy it in the eshop anyway but I'll be very surprised if I can't walk into a shop next week and buy this.

@BANJO Nintendo produces the supply.

With my Base order cancelled I've begrudgingly switched to the UK Nintendo store!

This is the first Switch game I'll have paid more than £40 for and I'm kinda salty as I don't feel it's a game that's actually worth more than forty quid.

I know it's my choice and I could just not buy it, but I have trouble letting go where Mario is concerned.

Oh Nintendo why do you make life so difficult.

Whe they said it was a limited release I ordered from Nintendo?

In the UK there are still preorders available from Nintendo, Amazon, Argos and more.

Base is not a big retailer, this is not unheard of and just a knee jerk reaction from a small outlet.

Limited release is Limited- quit the moaning.

This is why I cancelled my first order and ordered from the Nintendo store itself as soon as it was up.

Yeah, it's probably just that.

@Northwind Maybe they would just prefer people don't buy the product instead of endlessly whinging about how they don't like it.

And as for it being limited edition, most of the people moaning about it have no intention of buying it after March?

🙄 People who post on Nintendo sites and Reddit subs aren't going to wait that long.

You can't just defend rubbish behaviour based on 1970's parenting tactics, like that's what you say when your dad doesn't let you have a burger king or something, not when a major company goes out of their way to make people miss out on an overpriced and incomplete collection of roms.

I've used Base many times and although I'm not getting this game I think if their Nintendo supplier can't guarantee their full pre-order amount they can't offer the cheaper price as they buy in bulk.

Although Limited surely Nintendo will make more physical stock available in the run up to Christmas?

Somewhere around 40,000,000 people (just over 12% of the population) in the country I currently live in are currently unemployed?

And it's inevitable Nintendo will sell the games separately after and probably re-release the collection.

Silly Nintendo.

They told you the game is limited based on what it was and you have till March to buy it.

@GrailUK Base is definitely a reliable online store.

Due to the sites ease of navigation over say Amazon, I've found that they're a good online store for reasonably priced obscure physical Switch games.

@Patendo No, Nintendo is not above criticism.

@JuiceMan_V It’s interesting to see you defend Nintendo so hard.

It possible I'd order from the official uk Nintendo store to guarantee yourself a copy even if it costs a little more5

I can't stand all this limited editon ****9

It just makes things way too hard for collectors.

I hate to say it but this is another shady and anti-competitive move by Nintendo.

Like the article states, my £44.95 pre-order at Base has been cancelled due to ‘under allocation’ by Nintendo.

Yet by forcing consumers to use either the Nintendo UK store or Amazon, Nintendo are effectively trying to do just that.

It’s telling that I can still make a pre-order with Amazon at £49.99 isn’t it.

This is the second instance of Nintendo acting anti-competitively this year, with the removal of game download vouchers from retail stores also being an attempt to price fix in the UK market.

I was prepared to give Nintendo the benefit of the doubt regarding the limited time release of 3D All Stars but now see the move for what it really is.

@6thHorizon Definitely anti-consumer, didn’t know Nintendo was this harsh on their UK fan base.

@JuiceMan_V Ah, so you have nothing to back your trolling, and know you’re doing something wrong when called out on it.

I’m just going to go digital for this.

Diverted to a German Amazon copy (hate their large age rating logos).

Wait a few weeks or 6 months then if Nintendo have acted in a way you wish to critic go ahead.

@Patendo Criticizing N for doing a limited release is hardly dealing with hypotheticals.

Oh I don't know, maybe because I understand that even though I think It's rubbish, other people might love it and really want it.

Im surprised at the number of people thay havent heard of base (you really should check them out).

I dont really buy new releases of them but when it comes to that obscure game that just didnt sell very well.......they tend to get a load of stock and sell at really low prices!

@JuiceMan_V @carlos82 Honestly, Base came up on google instantly for me when searching price comparison for Switch games and I remembered my sister mentioning it also, the prices are very competitive and considering surely everyone must price compare at least now and then I can't imagine that the site hasn't been growing.

Its a shame as I like Base and they were cheap, but I guess I will be paying a bit more to get it elsewhere.

If Base have short stock I wouldn't be surprised at all if ShopTo has major stock issues.

They were the UK retailer the majority of people were using due to having the lowest price, and are about as well known as Base.

I pre-ordered my copy on Amazon so I'm good for release day

Surprised how many people haven't heard of, been buying from them for years and they seem to be regularly the cheapest site for a lot of Switch games

Like other people said about Shopto, base also pick up cheap copies from over in mainland Europe, the last game I got from them was a 'SCN' (Scandinavian?) version for example

Wouldn't be surprised if that means they're just one customer over in whatever country they buy their games, and the stock issues come from whoever they ordered from

@6thHorizon why would Nintendo or any company for that matter not prioritise their biggest customers such as Amazon

Its nothing to do with being anti consumer just because a couple of small retailers have tried to undercut everyone else by selling stock they haven't even got yet

I almost preordered with Base myself - I’ve used them a lot in the past for preorders since they usually sell games for £5-£10 cheaper than Amazon - but I ended up going with Nintendo UK instead to make sure my order did not get cancelled because of stock issues (which I figured were likely to happen because of the limited release thing)

I originally pre ordered with Amazon but later cancelled it and pre ordered with Smyths instead

With smyths I can pick it up when the shop opens rather than curtain twitching all day waiting for Mr Post man (assuming amazon deliver on the day or release)

@bluesun Where did you find "SCN" noted on items that you have ordered from ShopTo

Pre ordered from “” and I don’t see any problem of them not having enough

Yes I was a Base customer but not one of the first 100

Base said Nintendo approved their ad for marketing and new they had pre orders way in excess of 100

But they were told by Nintendo that 100 was all they could have and were not able to say if they would get anything further

Base could only think the reason was because they are a small business and Nintendo wanted copies for the big retailers

But we know Nintendo are playing a marketing game and in my books they are no longer the friendly, lovable, Disney type company they try to portray themselves as

But reality is that only Nintendo know why this is happening and we the consumer can only judge on evidence

My order could not be met, Nintendo refused to say why this was and I guess other retailers are not being getting given enough copies to met a demand that Nintendo have created themselves

Surly every Mario fan who wants a physical anniversary copy should be able to buy one

I have had some UKV cases, but also EUR (purple triangle, may mean there just isn't a UKV), and UXP (yellow) from them too

I pre-ordered from Nintendo Official UK Store so am assuming mine will be ok

Have used Base before and not had any problems but never used them for a pre-order

I know a lot of people who ordered got concerned at the slow speed at which pre order confirmations were sent

@Mark_C I ordered 3D Allstars from wherever I could at the time

Guess I'm trying to kind of hold on to old games in case my GameCube packs up eventually and of course I'm a sucker for Mario

Your Sonic Mania Plus has "SCN" denoted on the outer box of the game and my Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz is "SCN"

(Yes. I have literally just gone through them all. lol)

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: UKV

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle: UKV

Super Mario Odyssey: UKV

Super Mario Party: UKV

Super Mario Maker 2: UKV

Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training for Nintendo Switch: UKV

Paper Mario: The Origami King: UKV

I just hope that Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz was not released in the UK as a UKV version or I have been sent it incorrectly

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