Opening statements made in trial of Kimberly Potter, ex-cop who killed Daunte Wright - CNN
Dec 08, 2021 1 min, 59 secs
She then pulls the trigger.

After Potter appears to realize she shot Wright with her gun -- not her Taser -- the officer says, "Sh*t, I just shot him ...

"We trust them to know wrong from right, and left from right" -- a reference to Tasers and guns being holstered on opposite sides of an officer's body.

Defense attorney Paul Engh said in his opening statement all Wright "had to do was surrender." Engh centered on Potter attempting to use a Taser on Wright in order to protect her partner, Sgt.

"All he has to do is stop and he'd be with us," Engh said of Wright.

"She realizes what has happened much to her everlasting and unending regret," Engh said of the moment Potter realized she fired her gun instead of her Taser.

She gave Wright $50 for gas and a car wash that day, and soon after that he called her, saying police had pulled him over, she said.

She told him he hadn't done anything wrong and "reassured him that it would be OK."

Bryant heard an officer tell her son to step out of the car before the call disconnected, she said.

During cross examination, Bryant told Engh she knew her son did not have a driver's license.

The amended criminal complaint said Wright was also stopped because his car "had an air freshener hanging from the rearview mirror."

Officer Anthony Luckey, whom Potter was training at the time of the shooting, made the decision to pull Wright over after he signaled incorrectly, had expired license plate tabs and a tree-shaped air freshener hanging from his rearview window, Engh said, but "this case isn't about tabs, it's not about Christmas trees (air fresheners)."

During the stop, officers learned he had an outstanding warrant and they attempted to arrest him.

Video of the encounter showed a male officer approaching the car ahead of Potter, and a second officer on the passenger side.

Potter said "have him step out," and the male officer in front asks Wright to step out of the car.

Potter appeared to say "have him step out," and another officer said "do me a favor" and "step out of the car," according to the video.

An officer told Wright he was under arrest.

Potter told Wright "you have a warrant."

Wright struggled with an officer, stepped back into his car and was shot.

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