Oppo announces ‘next-generation’ under-display selfie camera - The Verge
Aug 04, 2021 48 secs

Oppo has announced the latest iteration of its under-screen camera technology, claiming it allows for a selfie camera to be placed under the display “without compromising the integrity of the screen.” Unlike earlier approaches that reduce pixel density in the portion of the screen that covers the camera in order to let more light pass through, Oppo is using smaller pixels to maintain the same 400-ppi sharpness as the rest of the OLED panel.

The result, according to Oppo, is that users should notice “almost no visual difference between the [under-screen camera] area and the rest of the screen during everyday use, creating a much more immersive visual experience.” The company has shown off an image of a prototype phone running an e-reader app, which would be pretty much the worst-case scenario for earlier under-display cameras due to the white background and sharp text.

As for the quality of the camera itself, here’s a sample image provided by Oppo:.

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