Parents Are Asking TikTok For Access To The Videos Their Kids Are Watching - NPR
Jul 30, 2021 47 secs
A parents group wants TikTok to let parents see all the videos their kids access.

A parents group wants TikTok to let parents see all the videos their kids access.

Tragedies like this one have led a group of parents to call on TikTok to let them see all the videos accessed by their children, to keep abreast of the dangers.

Now, more than 12,000 people have signed a petition from the advocacy group ParentsTogether asking TikTok CEO Vanessa Pappas to introduce parent "mirror" accounts — settings that would allow parents to see the same feeds their kids see.

"We strictly prohibit dangerous challenges on TikTok, and while we have not yet found evidence of a 'blackout challenge', we remain alert and ready to act against any violative content posted.".

The petition states that TikTok uses a secretive algorithm to recommend content to users, making it difficult for parents to keep tabs on what their kids engage with on TikTok

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