PFT’s Week 12 2022 NFL power rankings - NBC Sports

PFT’s Week 12 2022 NFL power rankings - NBC Sports

PFT’s Week 12 2022 NFL power rankings - NBC Sports
Nov 22, 2022 4 mins, 12 secs

Eagles (9-1; No. 3): They’re still a bit off.

To get a win while being a bit off is a good thing.

Cowboys (7-3; No. 7): The team that showed up on Sunday is a Super Bowl team.

49ers (6-4; No. 10): Right now, they could beat any team in the NFC.

Giants (7-3; No. 4): With a game against the Cowboys, two against the Eagles, and two against the Commanders, they may soon be sweating out what once was a presumed playoff berth.

Can the offense be good enough.

Falcons (5-6; No. 19): They’re good enough to make you think they’re good enough to believe in them long enough to conclude they’re not good enough.

Lions (4-6; No. 24): On Thursday, the Lions could be playing in their most significant Thanksgiving Day game in years.

Colts (4-6-1; No. 22): We’ll see them in prime time for the next two games, against the Steelers and at the Cowboys.

Win both, and they’re very much alive.

Saints (4-7; No. 29): They’re still alive, but they’re too inconsistent to stay that way.

Steelers (3-7; No. 27): Mike Tomlin is two losses away from his first ever losing season.

Jaguars (3-7; No. 30): The best test of a team’s relevance is whether anyone notices that they’re on a bye.

The Titans just keep winning and nobody notices.



This is a team that’s running away with their division for the 4th year in a row, nearly beat KC in arrowhead with a rookie QB who can’t throw.

It’s just strange.

Vikings falling from 1 to 8 after one loss to a Dallas team coached by Mike McCarthy that was just beaten by the Packers?… and the Patriots are 10th.

There is no need to hit the panic button just yet on the Steeler season.

Kenny “Wicked” Pickett had a few hiccups last week due to the fact that he was inexplicably flexed out of a Sunday night primetime game he was looking forward to but the NFL would not DARE to try to flex us out of our Monday Night game against the Colts!.

Everybody will be tuning in to see the cat and mouse game of wily vet Mike Tomlin toying with newbie head coach Jeff Saturday before swatting him for good!


They’re the worst 7-3 team in recent memory.

The Vikings are as fool’s gold as any 8-2 team could be.

Colts (4-6-1; No. 22): We’ll see them in prime time for the next two games, against the Steelers and at the Cowboys.

win neither and you can hang a new banner just the same.

They’re the worst team in the NFL by far.

So every team that the Steelers beat is still ranked ahead of us.

Looking at the schedule at the beginning of the year and seeing Bills, Cowboys back to back, as a Vikings fan I thought, hmmmm, if only there was some way we could go 1 and 1 in those games, we’ll be ok?

Can the offense be good enough.

As long as Matt Patricia is calling the plays, the offense will never be good enough.

I agree the Cal McNair should sell the Texans, to Jeff Bezos or just about anyone else.

As an Eagles fan, I can say this: it’s reckoning time.

People will talk about the Commanders providing a “blueprint” for how to beat the Eagles, but really, Lovie Smith figured it out the week before.

They’re the worst 7-3 team in recent memory.

They’ve had a double digit lead in every single game this year?

So you missed the story about Henry Winkler being a huge Patrick Mahomes fan and attending the Chiefs/Chargers game as Patrick’s guest.

Right before the game, the announcing crew said that Henry Winkler is a huge Patrick Mahomes fan, so Mahomes invited him to the game as his guest.

Love the Eagles have 9 wins, but I think the word is out on how to beat them and they have no answer yet.

Blitz Hurts and run the ball straight at them…hopefully the ‘newer’ Eagles will solidify the run defense, and Goedert comes back just in time for the Giants & Cowboys.

Right now I don’t think the Eagles could beat either one of them.

Say what you want to about Packer fans, but at least they’re not pretending they have a good team this year the way that Steelers fans are.

Chill, Vikings will be back in top after they beat the Patriots.

Vikings can beat the Chiefs and any team.

It’s just a one game to wake them up and learn from Dallas.

Chill, Vikings will be back in top after they beat the Patriots

Vikings can beat the Chiefs and any team

It’s just a one game to wake them up and learn from Dallas

Vikings beat Dallas 54-13 in 1970 regular season, at one point it was 54-6

I’m trying to remember the last time the offense scored a TD

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