'Pioneer Woman' Ree Drummond reveals how she lost 43 pounds in 5 months: 'I was tired, puffy, and desperate' - Fox News
Jun 16, 2021 57 secs
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Ree Drummond was ready to turn her life around.

Food Network personality Ree Drummond said she was ready to revamp her eating habits.

"Counting my calories was nothing short of eye-opening, and for me it was essential," said the Food Network personality.

Ree Drummond said her husband Ladd Drummond was super supportive in her weight loss journey.


Drummond also noted that her husband Ladd Drummond taught her how to do lunges, squats, straight-leg deadlifts, and calf raises to "build muscle in my legs and my butt.".

When it came to her eating habits, Drummond said she also ditched specialty diet foods

"I wanted to eat real food, the food I eat in my household, the food I cook for my family," she said

"I still love food, I still cook the same food for my family and me, and I'm a real person who realizes I'm always going to be prone to weigh-in ups and downs," she wrote

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