Pixel Watch ‘Active’ band will apparently cost $49 as early hands-on shows off proprietary connector - 9to5Google

Pixel Watch ‘Active’ band will apparently cost $49 as early hands-on shows off proprietary connector - 9to5Google

Pixel Watch ‘Active’ band will apparently cost $49 as early hands-on shows off proprietary connector - 9to5Google
Oct 03, 2022 46 secs

Google’s Pixel Watch is set to cost $349 as we’ve reported, but what about its bands.

According to a new early hands-on, the Pixel Watch “Active” band will cost around $50.

The folks over at Droid-Life obtained two “Active” bands for the Google Pixel Watch ahead of launch from an unnamed “mega-retailer” who briefly had the product available for sale recently.

For one, the price of these Pixel Watch bands apparently landed at $49 a piece.

The “Active” band is expected to be Google’s default band choice for the Pixel Watch, which means $49 is likely the lowest price we’ll see for an official band.

But it’s in line with Apple’s cost, with a “Sport” band for the Apple Watch also running $49.

We also get a good look at Google’s proprietary connector in this leak as well as a look at the manual, which explains how the band connects to Google’s watch.

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