Pokémon Go's New Event Finally Lets You Evolve Cosmog - Kotaku

Pokémon Go's New Event Finally Lets You Evolve Cosmog - Kotaku

Pokémon Go's New Event Finally Lets You Evolve Cosmog - Kotaku
Oct 05, 2022 51 secs

When Pokémon Go added Cosmog at the start of its latest quarterly season, the Season of Light, it was (of course) done in the most confusing manner possible.

So with the fresh start of the Season of Light, I really hoped for, you know, some clarity to shine on things.

Goodness gracious, imagine if it had first appeared six years ago in Pokémon Sun and Moon as the flagship Pokémon of the entire game, and we’ve all already known its three-stage evolutionary path for the better part of a decade!

(Rhi was the blue-suited guy from the wormhole we saw back in the Summer who few wanted or cared about.) You’ve found out it’s called Cosmog.

And now it’s time to evolve it into Cosmoem, although there’s no way you could possibly know that because no one’s ever heard of it before.

Given that we’ve only been given the one Cosmog, you might be frustrated by having to evolve it.

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