Poll: Majority of Unvaccinated Indicate They Will Not Get the Jab
Jul 24, 2021 54 secs

Eighty-one percent of Americans who have not received the vaccine yet say they will “probably” or “definitely” not get the shot.

On the flip side, 16 percent say they “probably” will get the jab, while just three percent say they “definitely” will, indicating that the vast majority of those who have yet to get the vaccine are solid in their decisions.

The survey also found 64 percent of unvaccinated Americans expressing little confidence that the vaccines will work against virus variants, including the rapidly spreading Delta variant:.

Views are also divided along age and education lines: Thirty-seven percent of those under age 45 say they haven’t and likely won’t get the shots, compared with just 16% of those older.

“If you are not vaccinated — as the President spoke to unvaccinated people last night and back on July 4th — you need to get vaccinated or you do not have a high degree of protection for yourself, for your friends, and for your family and your community,” coronavirus team leader Jeffery Zients said during Thursday’s White House COVID-19 Response Team’s press briefing.

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