Postal workers union bristles at Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate
Jul 29, 2021 48 secs

The influential American Postal Workers Union on Wednesday said, at this point, it opposes a coronavirus vaccine mandate from the Biden administration but encouraged workers to voluntarily take the jabs. .

"While the APWU leadership continues to encourage postal workers to voluntarily get vaccinated, it is not the role of the federal government to mandate vaccinations for the employees we represent," the union said in a statement obtained by Fox News. .

The union said in the statement that the safety of its workers is "of paramount importance" but "at this time the APWU opposes the mandating of COVID-19 vaccinations.".

"That's under consideration right now but if you're not vaccinated you're not nearly as smart as I thought you were," Biden said Wednesday

Reuters, citing a source familiar with the matter, reported that Biden is expected Thursday to announce that about two million civilian federal workers "will need to be vaccinated or face testing, social distancing, mask requirements and limits on travel." 

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