PS5 Firmware Update Fixes Game Deletion Debris - Push Square
Apr 15, 2021 1 min, 27 secs

Having spent 24 hours with the next-gen console’s April 2021 update, though, we’ve yet to encounter the issue.

We’ve deleted a number of different games, both installed on our external HDD and on our PS5’s SSD, and we haven’t been able to replicate the bug.

Have you encountered any problems while deleting your games since installing the new system software.

Not that I delete games off my PS5 all that much but that never happened to me.

Mine is a digital version so it could be that disc games were causing the issue.

@Arugula @Voltan Do you have an external HDD installed.

I think it was more prevalent with games installed on there.

Mine only did it with all deleted ps4 games on my external ssd.

@get2sammyb yes it only happened when deleting games from the external hdd..thank god its sorted as this was the single biggest issue i had with the ps5.?

Funny, I never had this problem snd always delete my games as soon as I’m finished.

@Robinsad PS4 games don't benefit from the fast loading unless they're on the internal ssd

@Brydontk is there much of a difference loading the PS4 games though

@Arugula it happened with my digital games on my disc based ps5 but thankfully fixed now

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