QAnon Believers Suggest Secret Message Behind Announcement of Biden Dog Champ's Death - Newsweek
Jun 19, 2021 47 secs
President Joe Biden and the first lady announced on Saturday the passing of the family dog Champ, a 13-year-old German Shepherd who died peacefully at the Biden's family home in Delaware.

Meanwhile, some QAnon supporters appear to have taken the announcement as a secret code.

Forbes reporter Andrew Solender tweeted the announcement of Champ's passing, and a cryptic reply caught his attention?

"Comms" are formally known as secret messages that can be decoded by QAnon supporters.

"When James Comey's dog died, QAnon believers claimed the announcement was code that George HW Bush had secretly been executed," Rothschild tweeted.

The description of "an entire big family" caught QAnon believers' attention.

Bush's code name, which had been Timberwolf, some QAnoners connected Bush's death to Comey's announcement, believing the former FBI director to be aware of Bush's death before the public and releasing the information secretly.

And now, it seems, the death of Champ may be code for something else?

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