Random: Fan Remakes Pokémon Yellow In Link's Awakening-Style 3D - Nintendo Life

Random: Fan Remakes Pokémon Yellow In Link's Awakening-Style 3D - Nintendo Life

Random: Fan Remakes Pokémon Yellow In Link's Awakening-Style 3D - Nintendo Life
Oct 04, 2022 3 mins, 42 secs

Published on their YouTube channel, Pokebro has spent the past two weeks attempting to remake Pokémon Yellow in 3D and the results are seriously impressive.

Much like CodyCantEatThis' project from last year - where he redesigned Pokémon Red and Blue - Pokebro's video sees the designer remake popular locations such as Pallet Town, Viridian City and Route 2 in, you guessed it, 3D.

The artist references the Link's Awakening remake as a key inspiration for their finished product, and we can definitely spy hints of the The Touryst in that crisp voxel art?

The video is, unfortunately, just a video for the time being and doesn't technically work as a playable game.

While it seems unlikely that the Pokémon Company would ever turn to this HD-retro style for their games in the future, there's no harm in keeping our fingers crossed.

What do you make of this remake style.

Am I just a moron who can’t understand art or.

Does this not look, all the great.

Maybe it’s just not my type of art style, but I gotta say, not a fan.

It legit makes the diamond and pearl remakes look like masterpieces.

There was a fan-made video showcasing a hypothetical remake of the Gen I games in the style of Ken Sugimori's faded drawing style which was gorgeous though, and I certainly wouldn't mind a remake in that style (the Mystery Dungeon remake on Switch looks a little like it too).

The Link's Awakening remake style could have worked too...

This just looks like a low-budget Minecraft knock-off, but uglier!

I was going to mention the art style reminded me more of The Touryst but the video itself did it before me.

This looks absolutely nothing like the Link's Awakening remake but ok.

This is pretty rough around the edges, there's a lot of effort involved but there's no cohesive art style.

Well, in the proper Link’s Awakening remake style, at least.

But so does Link's Awakening remake...

Except it doesn't look at all like the cute Link's Awakening remake.

Wow, that looks like complete filth.

I don't mean to be harsh, but this...doesn't look great.

Looks like a fun little project made by a small content creator?

Comparing that to Link's Awakening HD is inaccurate.

Can't say I particularly like the voxel style of presentation, but that was an opinion I held before watching the video.

This doesn't look at all like Link's Awakening.

People seem to be missing the part where he did all this in just 2 weeks.

Link's Awakening style

Jim, did you see how the Link's Awakening looks like

I found assets online and just use those

This is why I was not fond of a lot of fan made games like AM2R, Sonic Mania, Streets of Rage remake, and TMNT Rescue-Palooza cause assets and contents in those were taken from somewhere else

Now this doesn't mean I dislike fan made games only, actual dev games that re-use assets too much also apply as well such as games like Metal Slug, King of Fighters, Castlevania (the Metroidvania titles), and Mega Man are games I tend to had enough too after the first three or four games that looks and plays too much a like

The Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors are also guilty of doing this gen after gen and so was games like Call of Duty, Madden, and FIFA

This is NOT Link's Awakening style

It looks like its all just Pikachu running around the overworld killing things, with Ash as an anchor to drag him around

Its the aesthetics of Pokemon, true, but the heart and soul just feel like they are...missing, in my opinion

I applaud this person for trying something new, but I certainly would not have said "mission completed!" because this isn't Pokemon Yellow remade

If they are not remaking the entire game, they are just fan projects, just for fun, just how you'd draw a Pikachu on your notebook

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