Random: Players Are Already Scarily Good At Controlling Samus In Metroid Dread - Nintendo Life
Oct 13, 2021 3 mins, 28 secs

Metroid Dread hasn't even been out for a week yet, but some of the skills we're seeing even at this early stage are mightly impressive?

If you've been playing the game yourself, you'll know that one of things that becomes immediately apparent is just how smooth and slick Samus feels to control?

Players have been coming up with different strategies to beat the game from the word go, including this attempt which saw a player defeat a boss in a rather unconventional way after taking an alternative route early on (again, with a spoiler warning)!

Have you been playing the game!

Speedruns are going to be (or really, already are!) so entertaining for this game.

Best Metroid game ever.

I already beat the game in 7 odd hours and I felt that was just a bit too quick.

Don’t get me wrong, not every game needs to be gargantuan with a million side quests, online multiplayer, DLC, micro transactions, daily challenges, etc!

I suppose that itself speaks to the quality of the game.

Nintendo in particular is very good at creating games that give the player the freedom to play how they want, and exploit the mechanics of the game.

I beat the game over the release weekend, and had a blast doing it.

The game might even top Fusion for me as my favorite.

@hypnotoad They’re so different it’s hard to compare apples to apples...

Top 3 Metroid games are Super, Prime, and Dread, and hit shuffle on what is the best for what you want to play or talk about at the time.

@Spiders I'm that old that I had Super Metroid when it came out on Snes - what a game.

one of the GOATs in all gaming, but I love the faster gameplay of the 2D games and even M:OM also?

And yeah I went back to Super immediately after beating Dread and it was so sluggish and awkward to control.

I hope that Prime 4 can reach the heights of Dread and we can look forward to both branches being developed in tandem in the future: Prime/Fusion, Dread/Prime 4, then Metroid 6/Prime 5 on Switch 2!.

I think the game is amazing but lacking a little on content.

It's not nostalgia, just a different game.

Every Metroid game has different ending based on clear time.

@Beaucine I’m not knocking Super Metroid, but when I’ playing Dread and thinking “this is how good it felt to play Super Metroid back in the day”, and the I play Super Metroid after finishing Dread..

Does this game have difficulty settings

I guess the difference is that I played and fell in love with Super as an adult, so I don't have memories of it feeling any different than what it's always felt like: methodical and technical

I haven't started Dread yet, but from the looks of it, the level design is tailored for more fluid, parkour-style movement, whereas Super, to me, is more about patiently timing my wall jumps or bomb jumps to sequence-break

The game has one default difficulty and you unlock Hard mode once you beat the game

Also worth noting that this over-priced, $60 game is already pushing the 90 minute mark in speed runs..

Lots of full-priced 3D games have speed times under that

@UltimateOtaku91 only a more difficult setting once you beat it

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