Restrictions Returning to New Haven to Curb COVID-19 Outbreak - NBC Connecticut
Oct 28, 2020 58 secs
“When cases go up, we tighten the faucet a little bit, we shut down people’s opportunities to interact with each other so much,” said New Haven Mayor Justin Elicker after a leading indicator showed another spike in COVID-19 cases.

“People can anticipate that the city is going to be working very aggressively to ensure that we reduce the number of opportunities for people to interact with the goal of keeping people safe,” Elicker said on Wednesday.

“Increases in RNA concentration tend to very strongly indicate an increase in diagnosed human cases in the subsequent days.  It’s a pretty good indicator of what’s going on,” said Dr.

“Given the uptick in cases, it’s given us some sense of concern and we’re having conversations about whether or not to change that,” said Elicker.

Bond said contact tracing shows social gatherings are causing COVID-19 cases to rise, but she also believes there are other contributing factors. .

“Wear your mask, social distance and that doesn’t just mean with people you don’t know, that means with people you do know that aren’t outside your very core family bubble,” said Elicker

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