Review: Fraggle Rock on Apple TV+ is the Muppet series Disney+ wishes it had - Ars Technica
Jan 21, 2022 1 min, 21 secs
If you want to revel in all things Jim Henson, you'll need subscriptions to no less than three streamers: Disney+ (which has the most Henson films and series), HBO Max (which has a lock on Sesame Street), and Apple TV+.

This week, Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock nails that exact combination and breathes new life into the formerly HBO-exclusive universe.

But the rest of the colorful Muppet cast of the original Fraggle Rock looked the same everywhere, and the series' premise—about an underground world of furry, singing, radish-chomping critters—was also the same everywhere.

Back to the Rock isn't the first time Apple TV+ has resurrected the Fraggles: the streaming service brought us a half-dozen episodes of Fraggle Rock: Rock On in 2020.

Each five-minute episode revolved around familiar characters like Gobo and Red videoconferencing on the Fraggle version of Zoom—and though the series underwhelmed, it was arguably a welcome way for children to learn how to cope with the weirdness of a humanity-wide lockdown.

Each of the reboot's 13 episodes clocks in at roughly 25 minutes with a setup that will sound familiar to series fans.

Uncle Traveling Matt sends a new "artifact" from the world of the Silly People to his nephew Gobo, and this object's discovery leads him and the rest of his familiar Fraggle friends (Boober, Mokey, Red, and Wembley) to get up to some kind of caper.

Back to the Rock comes out of the gate with a surprise twist: Uncle Traveling Matt actually shows up at Fraggle Rock for once, and he has a special request that shakes up the rest of the Fraggle cast.

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