Sally Buzbee of the Associated Press named executive editor of The Washington Post, the first woman to lead the newsroom - The Washington Post
May 11, 2021 1 min, 54 secs
The Washington Post has named longtime journalist Sally Buzbee of the Associated Press as its executive editor, marking the first time a woman has been appointed to lead the 143-year-old news organization.

Buzbee, AP’s executive editor and senior vice president, will take over leadership of The Post’s nearly 1,000-person newsroom next month, said publisher Fred Ryan, who made the announcement to the newspaper’s staff on Tuesday.

From 2010 to 2016, she was AP’s Washington bureau chief, and was in charge of its coverage of the 2012 and 2016 presidential elections, as well as its coverage of Congress, the White House and federal agencies.

During an earlier stint in Washington in the 1990s, she was the AP’s assistant bureau chief for news, running spot news coverage and overseeing the foreign affairs and national security beats.

Ryan said in an interview Tuesday that Buzbee was the “runaway unanimous choice” for the job following interviews with him and Jeff Bezos, the Amazon founder who owns The Post.

This is the first executive editor hiring since Bezos purchased the company in 2013.

The first was Kevin Merida, who spent 22 years at the newspaper, rising to managing editor of news and features, before leaving to join ESPN in 2015.

The others were internal candidates: Cameron Barr, who replaced Merida as managing editor in 2015 and has been serving as interim executive editor since Baron retired; and Steven Ginsberg, National editor who guided much of the newsroom’s coverage of the Trump White House.

She made the jump to editing in 1996 as assistant bureau chief in Washington.

Beginning in 2004, she was AP’s Middle East regional editor in Cairo, supervising coverage of the Iraq War.

Marty Baron, Jeff Bezos, Donald Trump and the eight years that reshaped The Washington Post — and journalism.

“What a long road from Katharine Graham” — former publisher of The Post — “to Sally Buzbee, now The Post’s first woman executive editor in its 144-year history,” tweeted Jason Ukman, managing editor of STAT News.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, which punished the already ailing news business, The Post turned an annual profit.

During Buzbee’s tenure as executive editor, AP reporters won a Pulitzer Prize for international reporting for their coverage of the war in Yemen.

An earlier version of this article said The Washington Post is 144 years old

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