Sanford urges everyone to get a flu shot, offers drive-thru 'blitzes' at Fargodome - INFORUM
Sep 14, 2020 1 min, 2 secs
FARGO — Sanford Health is urging everyone to get a flu vaccination to ease the burden on the health care system as flu season will coincide with the coronavirus pandemic starting this fall.

To make it “easier than ever,” Sanford is offering several options for flu shots, including drive-thru vaccination blitzes on Saturdays in parking areas at the Fargodome starting Saturday, Sept.

Because of the seasonal upswing in influenza and other respiratory infections, compounded by the ongoing pandemic, getting a flu shot this season is more important than ever, a Sanford infectious disease doctor said.

By lessening the chance of contracting the flu, getting a flu shot will help people avoid having to isolate at home and will alleviate pressure on the health care system.

Flu season fluctuates year to year, but typically starts in November, lasting the last four weeks of the year and extending through the first 12 weeks of the following year, she said.

To make getting a flu shot more convenient and safer by enabling safe distancing, Sanford is offering flu-shot blitzes at the Fargodome.

Last year, according to state figures, an average of 35% of North Dakota residents got a flu vaccine, with young children and older people getting vaccinated at a rate greater than 50%, Hornyak said

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