Scientific American backs Biden for its first presidential endorsement in 175 years
Sep 15, 2020 1 min, 16 secs
The October issue of Scientific American will carry what has never been seen in the magazine’s pages in 175 years: a presidential endorsement.

Ultimately, it was Trump’s response to the novel coronavirus that created a new sense of urgency for Scientific American’s editors, Helmuth said.

Despite the excoriation of the president for his anti-science stance, Helmuth stressed that the editors wanted their endorsement to be fact-based and evidence-backed — not partisan.

In such a politically fractured environment, Helmuth acknowledged that editors were concerned how an endorsement might read, and if it would undermine the public’s faith in scientific institutions like theirs.

“An endorsement from an organization like that — that has been in the past above politics — would carry considerable weight with their audience,” Beck told The Post, calling the Scientific American endorsement “powerful.”.

“You have a truly anti-science president,” Beck said, “and the scientific community by and large has been appalled at what has come out of the president’s mouth and come out of Washington.”.

When it comes to potential Trump voters, an endorsement from a respected outlet like Scientific American won’t move the die-hard supporters, he said, but it might sway Republicans or independents who already have doubts

“You can imagine if I’m a subscriber to Scientific American, and a Republican, I might say, ‘Well, see, maybe I shouldn’t vote Republican this time around,’ ” Beck said

Helmuth said that after careful consideration of what an endorsement would mean, the decision by Scientific American’s editorial board was ultimately unanimous

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