Scientific American magazine backs Joe Biden, its first presidential endorsement in 175 years
Sep 15, 2020 1 min, 4 secs

The editors of the 175-year-old magazine wrote that they felt compelled to speak out because Trump "rejects evidence and science.".

The 175-year-old magazine's editors wrote that they felt compelled to break with tradition in 2020 because they believe President Donald Trump has mishandled the coronavirus pandemic, taken steps against environmental protections and threatened health care for Americans. .

"The evidence and the science show that Donald Trump has badly damaged the U.S.

and its people—because he rejects evidence and science," the editors wrote in the piece published Tuesday and part of the October 2020 issue.

"Joe Biden, in contrast, comes prepared with plans to control COVID-19, improve health care, reduce carbon emissions and restore the role of legitimate science in policy making.

He solicits expertise and has turned that knowledge into solid policy proposals," the magazine's editors wrote.

The magazine's editors wrote that the Trump White House should have encouraged Americans to wear masks and modeled other key social distancing measures, rather than encourage them to engage in "risky behavior."

Additionally, they said Trump's attacks on the Affordable Care Act and important public health agencies have made the country less equipped to deal with crises, while lauding Biden's plans to "improve health care, reduce carbon emissions and restore the role of legitimate science in policy making."

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