See the rare alignment of 5 planets and the moon in this stunning night sky photo - Space.com

See the rare alignment of 5 planets and the moon in this stunning night sky photo - Space.com

See the rare alignment of 5 planets and the moon in this stunning night sky photo - Space.com
Jun 24, 2022 1 min, 29 secs

The rare sight of five bright planets lining up with the moon wowed skywatchers around the world Friday, with some gearing up for more this weekend to see a planetary sight that won't happen again until 2040.

Throughout June, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn have lined up from left to right, in their orbital order from the sun, before dawn in the southeastern sky.

Early Friday (June 24), the moon joined the planet parade in an awesome sight captured by astrophotographer Wright Dobbs, a meteorologist for the U.S.

Cloud, Florida on Friday. Dobbs is a veteran night sky photographer and you can see more photos on their Facebook page, (opens in new tab) as well as on Twitter (opens in new tab) and Instagram @wrightdobbs (opens in new tab). .

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We recommend the Celestron Astro Fi 102 (opens in new tab) as the top pick in our best beginner's telescope guide. .

LOOK UP: A bit hard to see here but if you look closely from left to right you’ll see Venus, the Moon, Mars and Jupiter.

That’s just three of the five planets in alignment right now.

While the show did hit its peak today (June 24), there's still ample time available to see the planets in alignment, along with the moon.

The moon moved through a planetary "meet and greet" in the predawn sky, passing Saturn on June 18, Jupiter on June 21 and Mars on June 22. The moon will continue its tour with a pass-by of Venus on June 26, and then end its tour with Mercury on June 27. .

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