She Convinced Men On Tinder To Buy Nier: Automata And Then Ghosted Them, She Says - Kotaku

She Convinced Men On Tinder To Buy Nier: Automata And Then Ghosted Them, She Says - Kotaku

She Convinced Men On Tinder To Buy Nier: Automata And Then Ghosted Them, She Says - Kotaku
Aug 16, 2022 1 min, 36 secs

There’s a dramatic scene in Nier: Automata in which a desperate, downtrodden android commands his AI companion to cease all logical functions.

If you’ve ever gone on Tinder, you might know exactly what this is like even if you’ve never played Nier: Automata.

Jen, who works as a paralegal, went viral on Twitter earlier this year for, as she put it, swiping on Tinder and getting “guys to buy Nier: Automata” only to “then ghost them.”.

[Editor’s note: This bar is low.] And at least some of the pictured folks appear to have genuinely played the game, as the screenshots show discussion of different endings and plot points between her and the would-be paramours.

Known for its intense post-apocalyptic and introspective storytelling, Nier: Automata is full of twists and turns, including changing perspectives, alternating genres, and multiple endings.

From the sounds of it, that’s the sort of distinctive soul that Jen, who claims her Tinder bio said that Nier was her favorite game, wanted to find: someone she could really, truly talk to about her fandom.

“Many [Tinder matches] wouldn’t appreciate it as much [as I did], or when I wanted to talk about every detail and they just said ‘[it] was a good game [but] there isn’t that much to talk about’,” Jen said, which she took as her cue to ghost them and move on.

Really, the way Jen describes talking about Nier almost sounds like she used it as a shield against the constant sexualization she kept coming across on Tinder.

“Like even tho some of them were like actually gross, but others might have just disliked the game or aren’t that much into analyzing and theories and such and [I] probably hurt their feelings [by] just ‘disappearing.’”

Better yet, her Discord buddies “like the game genuinely and don’t just want to fuck me.” One pal even lives close to her

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