Site of rare meteorite impact discovered in Inver Grove Heights - Star Tribune

Site of rare meteorite impact discovered in Inver Grove Heights - Star Tribune

Site of rare meteorite impact discovered in Inver Grove Heights - Star Tribune
Oct 01, 2022 57 secs

A rare meteor crash site has been discovered in Inver Grove Heights — the first found in Minnesota — and researchers are hoping it soon will be added to the map of other known crash sites around the world.

lead geologist at the Minnesota Geological Survey, who said the site "for sure" is one of the most intriguing finds in his 33 years with the survey.

Scientists with the Minnesota Geological Survey, the research arm of the U's School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, found the meteorite impact site in early 2021 while they were updating geologic maps of Dakota County.

They named it the Pine Bend Impact, after the area of Inver Grove Heights where it was found, Steenberg said.

Researchers are learning about the site and want to figure out the exact size of the meteor, Steenberg said, adding that the U hopes to obtain funding for the work.

It is about 3.7 miles in diameter and slightly younger than the Pine Bend Impact is thought to be, Steenberg said.

Amy Looze, a spokeswoman for Inver Grove Heights, said residents are excited to count the Pine Bend Impact as a piece of the city's history.

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