SNL season 47, episode 10 recap: Ariana DeBose makes hosting debut - Entertainment Weekly News
Jan 16, 2022 2 mins, 19 secs
No, that's not a reference to Kanye West's inevitable rap beef with Pete Davidson.

This week, host Ariana DeBose was nominated for a SAG award and is poised to get an Oscar nomination for her role in Steven Spielberg's West Side Story.

That could yield interesting results — I am guessing we will see the return of recent dad JAJ's Biden, given the unfortunate week the President just had.

They are doubling down on the Spider-Man premise — hard.

"Spider-Man has his villains, I have Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema," quipped Johnson's Biden!

Johnson is killing it — you can see his Biden take getting more defined in real-time.

Pete Davidson appears as the "real" Biden; our universe is a joke caused by the Cubs winning the World Series. .

She discusses how magical it is — when Kate McKinnon appears, dressed like she's a Verizon commercial spokeswoman?

"I think Ariana DeBose is the greatest," Kroeger adds. "She was phenomenal in Hamilton — which I've only seen as the recorded Disney+ presentation — and is Oscar-worthy in West Side Story.".

And indeed, DeBose was fantastic in Schmigadoon with Cecily Strong as well. !

Fans Mikey Day and DeBose are some of the other players forced to substitute.

Ego Nwodim as Laura Winslow needs to happen — and love Kenan reprising as Reginald VelJohnson, he is great.

I actually think they could've done more with this premise, pushed it a bit further.

But I love the energy, mainstreaming Sherman's weirdness — and Davidson actually does a commendable job, likely spoofing the kinds of local commercials he saw growing up in Staten Island.

I love the energy and the conceit — "I'm just playing unless you like that.".

Honesty, this could've been the cold open — it's the same kind of press conference.

(I wish they would bring back Dismukes' 'nerdy' reporter.)  "He will kick your ass," assures his press secretary DeBose.

What I love about this is that it's all attitude, no make-up.

Thiscos-play/ode to Bruce Springsteen was debuted on The Tonight Show last show — it is off Take the Sadness Out of Saturday Night and follows "Stop Making This Hurt," which arrived in May.

The return of Colin Jost — cue: teen girls screaming.

DeBose appears to lead a group of children (Redd, Fineman, Sherman, Dismukes, Yang) and teaches them how to sing?

DeBose and McKinnon are two professors, discussing ancient lesbian poetry

James Austin Johnson and DeBose are working their salads, when Heidi Gardner, the manager, chides them

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