Some people with 'long Covid' say their symptoms ease after getting vaccine - CNBC
Apr 07, 2021 1 min, 37 secs

Some people who have suffered from lingering and often debilitating symptoms months after their initial bout with the virus say they are finding relief after getting vaccinated, puzzling health experts.

Survivor Corps, a patient advocacy group for people with so-called long Covid, recently surveyed nearly 900 members and found 41% reported slight relief to full recovery shortly after getting the shots.

The World Health Organization estimates about 1 in 10 Covid patients experience persistently ill health 12 weeks after getting the virus.

Researchers at the University of Washington published data in February that found a third of patients reported ongoing symptoms, including fatigue, shortness of breath and sleep disorders, that persisted for as long as nine months.

Some people with 'long Covid' say their symptoms ease after getting vaccine.

Diana Berrent, who founded Survivor Corps just over a year ago, suffered for months from long Covid before most of her symptoms resolved on their own last year.

Facebook and Twitter are filled with stories from people who testify, to their own surprise, that their symptoms eased or even disappeared after getting a Covid vaccine.

Doctors also don't know why some patients with long Covid say they feel better after getting immunized.

There is no long-term data of how people feel after the vaccine, she said.

He said felt his long Covid symptoms had completely lifted about three weeks after he got his first shot.

Paulson, the North Dakota farmer, said she still has some symptoms, but the fatigue and brain fog are gone since getting her second shot on March 18.

While the reports of relief from long Covid symptoms could be good news, they are still only anecdotal, said Dr

Iwasaki told CNBC she plans to conduct a study, in collaboration with Survivor Corps, analyzing the blood samples of long Covid patients before and after getting vaccinated

and I'm hearing every day from people who are feeling better from getting the vaccine," she said

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