Sources: Simon Cowell, Lauren Silverman in ‘crisis’ before engagement - Page Six
Jan 12, 2022 2 mins, 6 secs

As Page Six has revealed that Simon Cowell and girlfriend Lauren Silverman are getting married after 12 years and one child together, insiders suggest that the engagement may be a last-gasp effort to save their relationship.

Silverman, 44, has reportedly been waiting a long time for her ring.

In fact, the source said, this is actually their second engagement.

“I know that Simon got her an engagement ring about a year after the pregnancy was announced … but he then put it away in a safe and made it clear that he didn’t want to get married after all,” the source said.

Well, she’s been waiting a long time — and so has Lauren.”.

A longtime Cowell colleague told The Post that the engagement is also, in a big way, about his much-adored son.

But Cowell, 62, has made it clear that he’s no fan of matrimony — both because he likes his own space and, sources say, because he hasn’t wanted to put his $500 million fortune at risk in the event of a divorce.

She’s become a bit of a gatekeeper, as Cowell doesn’t carry a mobile phone — he believes it helps his mental health — and friends and business colleagues now find that, if they want to get hold of Cowell, the fastest way is through Lauren.

One Cowell business source said that he feels it is a bit of a “power play” on Cowell’s part — but it does make Silverman indispensable.

But Silverman is said to have warmed up to some of Cowell’s old friends over time, including Seymour, who has gone on holiday and shared holidays and birthdays with them.

Lately, the couple have spent more time together than ever due to the pandemic and following a terrible accident in 2020, when Cowell fell off an electric bike, breaking his back and almost being paralyzed.

“Like everyone, we were in lockdown for a long time and that’s when you realize whether or not you actually enjoy each other’s company or not,” Cowell has said.

“He is someone looking for a new purpose, and perhaps he has decided that the time has come to grow up,” the friend told The Post

While Cowell is still a judge on “America’s Got Talent,” the cancellation of his show “The X Factor” in the UK last year is said to have weighed heavily on him

He’s suffered terribly physically because of his back and it has been a long path to fitness,” the Cowell friend said

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