Southwest Airlines Delays and Cancels Hundreds of Flights a Third Day - The New York Times
Jun 16, 2021 1 min, 21 secs
The headaches began with problems with a weather data supplier on Monday, then technical troubles on Tuesday, and the issues spilled over into Wednesday.

Hundreds of Southwest Airlines flights were delayed or canceled again on Wednesday as the company sought to resolve disruptions from earlier in the week amid a pickup in summer travel.

The issue was resolved within hours, but on Tuesday the airline suffered its own technological problems, resulting in half of its flights that day being delayed and many being canceled, according to FlightAware, a flight tracking service.

Southwest said on Tuesday that it was having problems with “network connectivity.” Mr.

Landson said that those troubles were unrelated to the weather data problems from Monday and that there was no indication the airline’s computer systems had been breached or hacked.

Louis from Los Angeles on Monday when Southwest Airlines canceled a connecting flight while they were waiting at the airport in Denver.

Jackson’s connecting flight from Dallas to Los Angeles kept getting pushed back on Monday night, and she left the airport at 6 a.m.

Her biggest frustration was that the airline didn’t inform her of an earlier flight that she could have taken.

The airline’s management has been providing regular updates to flight attendants, and Southwest worked to provide accommodations for those who were stranded, she said, adding that such outages happen.

So far this year, the airline has announced it was expanding an order for Boeing’s 737 Max by 100 planes and recalling all flight attendants who had taken extended leaves of absence in time for the seasonal increase in travel during the summer.

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