Space station dodges space debris from decades-old Pegasus rocket -
Dec 03, 2021 57 secs

The International Space Station dodged a fragment of a decades-old rocket body early Friday morning, continuing a stretch of space debris threats to the orbiting laboratory.

EST (0800 GMT), a Russian cargo ship docked to the International Space Station fired for a little under three minutes to lower the facility's orbit and ensure that it would pass safely by the debris, according to statements from NASA and its Russian counterpart, Roscosmos.

All seven astronauts currently living and working on the space station faced a still more serious space junk scare just a few weeks ago.

15, the crew was forced to shelter in the two passenger spacecraft currently docked to the space station during two close passes with orbital debris.

That debris came from a Russian anti-satellite test conducted on one of its own defunct satellites; fragments from the incident might threaten astronauts on the station for years to come, experts have said.

—Space Junk Clean Up: 7 Wild Ways to Destroy Orbital Debris.

— Space debris from Russian anti-satellite test will be a safety threat for years.

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