Space station situation with Russian module misfire more serious than stated: report -
Aug 02, 2021 1 min, 27 secs

The space station spun far more than the reported 45 degrees, according to NASA flight director Zebulon Scoville.

On Thursday (July 29) morning, Russia's long-awaited research module Nauka docked with the space station.

According to reporting by The New York Times, Zebulon Scoville, the NASA flight director leading mission control in Houston during the event, says the station tilted far more severely than just 45 degrees. .

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According to Scoville, the event has "been a little incorrectly reported." He said that after Nauka incorrectly fired up, the station "spun one-and-a-half revolutions — about 540 degrees — before coming to a stop upside down.

During the news conference, space station program manager Joel Montalbano said, "There was no immediate danger at any time to the crew ...

After initially thinking the message could perhaps be a mistake, he told The New York Times, he soon realized that it was not and that Nauka was not only firing its thrusters, but that it was trying to actually pull away from the space station that it had just docked with.

And he was soon told that the module could only receive direct commands from a ground station in Russia, which the space station wouldn't pass over for over an hour. .

Despite the unexpected scare that the module mishap gave NASA last week, Scoville told the New York Times that he is assured in the partnership that Russia and the U.S

"They are a fantastic partnership with NASA and the entire International Space Station program."

To ensure that the situation with Nauka and the space station were stable before trying to dock another vehicle with the station, NASA and Boeing decided to postpone Starliner's launch to Tuesday (Aug. 3)

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