SpaceX to launch Starlink v1.0 L23 mission - -
Apr 07, 2021 1 min, 57 secs

February 27, 2021.

February 27, 2021.

April 7, 2021.

April 5, 2021.

February 16, 2021

April 7, 2021

SpaceX has launched another batch of 60 Starlink satellites on the Starlink v1.0 L23 mission

This was the third time a Falcon 9 first stage flew a seventh mission, the tenth Falcon 9 flight of the year, and the first in April

It then supported the ANASIS-II mission in July 2020, when it achieved the fastest Falcon 9 booster turnaround at the time with 51 days between launches. 

It later supported the Starlink v1.0 L12 mission in October 2020, followed by the SpaceX CRS-21 mission in December 2020, the first launch of a Cargo Dragon 2 spacecraft

In 2021, B1058 supported the Transporter-1 rideshare mission in January and the Starlink v1.0 L20 mission in March

Falcon 9 B1058-6 launches the Starlink v1.0 L20 mission in March 2021 – via Stephen Marr for NSF/L2

This makes Starlink v1.0 L23 the second fastest turnaround for Falcon 9, just barely beat by B1060 on the Starlink v1.0 L18 mission at 27 days and 4 hours

Technicians working on JRTI and the crew of Tug Hawk watch as Falcon 9 lofts another 60 Starlink satellites into space

One fairing half, the passive half, supported the Starlink v1.0 L12 mission in October 2020

The other half, the active half, supported the AMOS-17 mission in August 2019, the Starlink v1.0 L6 mission in April 2020, and the Starlink v1.0 L15 mission in November 2020

Since Starlink v1.0 L8 with B1059-3, several missions have not required a static fire test due to the reliability of the flight proven first stage boosters

The single Merlin Vacuum engine on the second stage then ignited

This was the 79th first stage landing for Falcon 9

While the first stage was landing, the second stage shut down its engine and entered its initial parking orbit

That second burn placed the Falcon 9 and 60 Starlink satellites into am approximate 260 x 296 kilometer orbit. 

After the burn was complete, the second stage began a slow spin in preparation for Starlink deployment

After the spin has started and another 15-minute coast is complete, the 60 Starlink satellites separated from the second stage

The Starlink constellation is set to consist of five orbital shells, with the Starlink v1.0 L23 mission continuing to build the first

The first of these satellites were launched in November 2019, and the first shell will be completed with the Starlink v1.0 L28 mission. 

Each of the v1.0 Starlink satellites weighs 260 kilograms and is designed to be compact

(Lead photo of B1058-7 launching the Starlink v1.0 L23 mission – via Stephen Marr for NSF)

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