Stadia launches ‘Party Stream’ to quickly share gameplay with friends - 9to5Google

Stadia launches ‘Party Stream’ to quickly share gameplay with friends - 9to5Google

Stadia launches ‘Party Stream’ to quickly share gameplay with friends - 9to5Google
Aug 08, 2022 1 min, 5 secs

Google Stadia is expanding its live streaming features with “Party Stream,” an easy way to show your screen to friends, plus improvements to its YouTube streams.

One of the unique benefits of Stadia is the ability to stream your gameplay to YouTube directly from Google’s servers, with no need for special hardware or software on your end.

While you don’t have nicer features, like showing your camera feed or adding overlays, Stadia’s YouTube integration makes streaming your games to others more accessible than ever before.

In recent weeks, our APK Insight team has been tracking a new feature for Stadia that would allow you to stream your gameplay to your friends without needing to use a service like YouTube at all.

Instead, you’d be able to allow your friends to simply spectate your stream straight from the Stadia app.

Simply put, if you’re in a Stadia party with one or more people, you can allow them to spectate your stream.

Better yet, any number of people in the party (up to Stadia’s party limit of 10) can share their stream at the same time, though spectators can only view one stream at a time.

Update: Google has shared updated screenshots of Stadia’s Party Stream in action, which we’ve included above.

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