Steve Levitan explains how Roseanne Barr's scandal led to Reboot - The A.V. Club

Steve Levitan explains how Roseanne Barr's scandal led to Reboot - The A.V. Club

Steve Levitan explains how Roseanne Barr's scandal led to Reboot - The A.V. Club
Sep 20, 2022 51 secs

Hulu’s meta new series Reboot, a spoof on sitcoms and the reboots thereof, has a lot of rich territory to explore in how the sausage gets made.

Speaking with TheWrap, Levitan says, “I just remember thinking it must be so fascinating to be on that soundstage–you know, for these people to have left, and then made the decision to come back, which I’m sure was tricky, and, then for that to blow up, and all the intrigue, and all the behind the scenes stuff that must have been going on, I’m sure was really intense.

Levitan was still working on Modern Family at the time, and assumed the idea “would be gone by the time I finished.” Instead, that series wrapped, and he was able to devote his full attention to the notion: “It just put in my mind this idea of like, oh, a bunch of actors and people coming back to a show after many years for a reboot is a really good arena for comedy.

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