Study finds 8 of 10 hospitalized covid patients have neurological symptoms - TribLIVE
May 11, 2021 1 min, 24 secs
Scientists, including several at the University of Pittsburgh, analyzed data surrounding the incidence, severity and health outcomes of covid patients who experienced a litany of neurological symptoms.

“We wanted to ask this question: how many people with covid had neurological symptoms and syndromes?” said Dr.

“And we want to know the impact: does having neurological symptoms on top of covid impact your outcome?”.

Chou said they tracked both neurological symptoms that self-reported — the patient described the symptoms — and those that were clinically verified, in which physicians could detect abnormalities even if the patient was unable to.

Among all of the patients, 82% of the patients had neurological symptoms, and more than 50% of them had clinically verified symptoms.

“This is concerning and important to know that more than half of the patients who are sick enough to require hospitalization with covid-19 can have some sort of neurological syndrome,” Chou said.

“This gives us a sense of the magnitude of this problem and it tells us that we need to pay more attention to the neurological problems patients may face, and more importantly, how does this affect people long-term in the survivors.”.

The scientists found that those who suffer neurological symptoms with covid were six times more likely to die, compared to those without.

Throughout the pandemic, there have been emerging reports of covid patients and long-haulers experiencing various neurological and psychological symptoms — everything from loss of smell to brain fog.

“We know from all the emerging reports that neurological problems can happen, but we need to get a sense of how big a problem this is, how often it happens,” she said.

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