Study links COVID-19 to inflamed heart muscles in athletes -
Sep 12, 2020 1 min, 9 secs

College students test positive for coronavirus, throw party.

'Too much COVID:' NC doctor pushes for virtual learning in hard-hit community

— A new COVID-19 study is linking athletes to inflamed heart muscles

Scientists at Ohio State conducted research on 26 athletes and found that four who had either mild or asymptomatic COVID cases had signs of myocarditis, known as inflammation of the heart

“When you have the condition and the heart is inflamed called myocarditis intense sports can actually pre-expose you to life-threatening complications, abnormal heart rates, that can kill you," said Christopher Kelly, a cardiologist with UNC Health Care

On the inside, that athlete's heart muscles can be enlarged

“What I would recommend, if you are playing competitive sports that gets your heart rate up to a high level like football, track and tennis, you should be tested for COVID regularly, and if you test positive, you need to stop playing and you need to see a cardiologist before you go back to play, even if symptoms are medium to absent,” Kelly said

“Look at what your kids organization is doing to keep them safe in the locker room," Kelly said

If you've tested positive for COVID-19, you should also ask your doctor about your heart

"It affects the heart much more than other virus do," Kelly said

"We have to assume anyone with COVID has problems with their heart until proven otherwise."

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