Sweden’s first ever female prime minister steps down within hours - The Times of Israel
Nov 25, 2021 1 min, 6 secs
STOCKHOLM, Sweden (AFP) — Sweden’s Prime Minister-elect Magdalena Andersson on Wednesday handed in her resignation hours after being appointed by parliament, after her budget failed to pass and the junior Green Party quit the coalition government.

While her stint was unexpectedly brief, Andersson made history by becoming the first woman elected to the post of prime minister in Sweden — she was to formally take over on Friday.

The 54-year-old economist who has served as finance minister for the past seven years said she hoped to be elected to the position again soon as the head of a minority government made up of only the Social Democrats.

Sweden’s largest daily Dagens Nyheter said in an editorial that the turn of events could end up beneficial for Andersson, whom the Greens have vowed to support in a new prime ministerial vote.

He resigned as prime minister on November 10 after seven years in power in a widely expected move designed to give his successor time to prepare for the country’s September 2022 general election.

Meanwhile, the right-wing opposition, led by the conservative Moderates, has in recent years inched closer to the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats and hopes to govern with its informal backing.

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