Switch Has Now Been The Best-Selling Console In The US For 22 Consecutive Months - That's A New Record - Nintendo Life
Oct 17, 2020 8 mins, 27 secs

Earlier this week, the NPD predicted the Switch would be the best-selling console this holiday season in the US.

If you weren't already convinced the Switch's success is set to continue, in addition to this, it's now been highlighted that the hybrid system has been the best-selling console hardware in this location for 22 consecutive months straight?

The previous record holder was Microsoft's console, the Xbox 360 - which was the best-selling console for 21 months (August 2011 - April 2013).

NPD's industry analyst, Mat Piscatella, notes how the Switch is "selling at or above levels never seen before in the US".

How long do you think the Switch can maintain this momentum for.

When he’s not paying off a loan to Tom Nook, Liam likes to report on the latest Nintendo news and admire his library of video games.

Wow, the Nintendo Switch is as bestselling as B R E A D.

Edit: Honestly you could switch out Nintendo Switch with Bread and I wouldn't tell the difference.

"Time to eat my morning Nintendo Switch.".

And I am one of those proud Nintendo Switch owners as well.

This might be my favorite Nintendo console so far.

People scoffed at the idea that the Switch would pass the Wii in total sales, but it’s looking like it should pass it with ease.

It's an amazing console and appeals to people of all ages.

Obviously those are gonna sell like crazy given how pre orders are all but impossible to find right now, but I wonder if either console will have enough supply to beat out the Switch at this point.

Thanks to the scalpers buying all the new stock and then selling it on ebay for $400.!

The sky is the limit for sales on this thing if Nintendo keeps supporting it.

Even early next gen, Nintendo will continue to have an advantage over the competition with mostly cheaper hardware (pretty crazy to think the Series S will cost the same as a Switch) and a huge, ever-expanding library filled with killer exclusives.

It depends on when the next Nintendo system will come out.

Since Nintendo themselves have confirmed that we are at the midpoint of the Switch's lifecycle, it should have no problems crossing 100 million units sold.

A handheld and a home (I need a TV) console.

I've come away from this article more impressed with the 360, 2 years as the best selling console and this was well after the Wii and ps3 were out.

I mean I knew the switch was selling well, but the system it beat didn't even register to me, I thought it would have been the Wii.

@Zeldafan79 There are still a lot of people who do just want the best dedicated home console experience possible.

Even though the Nintendo Switch is killing it for sales it's limited communications, and it's lack of power still puts it odds with EA, Activision and Ubisoft's business models.

Their best effort is xbox 360 era titles and super gimped FIFA.

Ubisoft has brought some kid friendly titles but even though they are chummy with Nintendo we still don't have any Tom Clancy shooters, no Division, no newer AC games.

So until Nintendo proves to those companies they are loosing money not releasing on Nintendo Switch we will always be at a lost for 3rd party titles.

I definitely don't see the need for a next-gen Switch any time soon.

Sure, I'd love one like any hardcore fan, but when looking at the bigger picture, it simply isn't needed at this point, and I would like for enough time to pass so that the next generation yields a more substantial improvement in specs/resolution than if they were to release a new model, say, now.

The very idea of a next-gen Switch that can pull off 1080p in handheld mode and UHD when docked almost sounds too good to be true.

Ideally, the Joy-Con should be backwards compatible as well, even if they cannot be used in handheld mode in the next-gen Switch.

The Switch seems to be harkening back to the 80s Nintendo; massively popular with a huge install base (just like the NES) loads of quality titles from many third parties as well as Nintendo’s own offerings (just like the NES) along with exorbitant prices for the games themselves (just like the NES).

They don’t care if you buy a PlayStation or Xbox; if you want to play Nintendo exclusives you need a Switch.

That, combined with nostalgia for older gamers, family friendly games and accessories, plenty of mature games for the ‘hardcore crew’ (which although don’t look as nice as on the big systems it means you can play on the bus!) means they have A unique corner of the market.

Sure, Microsoft are going to muscle in with their play anywhere, but the appetite for a dedicated portable console is clearly there.

It remains to see how much of a dent this makes to Nintendo, but as a parent if I was looking at buying a console, then a tablet and a controller for my kids to play mobile I would probably just choose the Switch anyway (as it does it all out of the one box).

Gaming without Nintendo would be like cartoons without Disney!

The switch started out as a hybrid console and that’s still how it sells best.

But as time goes on it will continue to shrink and grow more and more portable I suspect it has a long life ahead of it as a portable console.

Similar to how the original GameBoy started out large and heavy and then moved on to GameBoy pocket and GameBoy colour whilst continuing to play the same games.

I've really been playing a lot more video games than ever before this past year after I got a Switch, so it has certainly proven itself to me!

With the popularity at an all time high, some notable big releases this year (even including as far back as Animal Crossing) plus Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity being a Breath of the Wild Zero in many people's eyes, I think Nintendo will stay ahead.

Plus Covid making some buyers weary of particularly large investments but oddly more willing to spend on extravagant smaller purchases and Nintendo might be poised to have their best Christmas yet with the Switch.

I myself am not sure I want to dive into next gen with a PS5 or some such yet, but I'll definitely be grabbing a few more Switch games.

Xbox has often made its money selling to gamers who wanted the biggest, strongest console on the market, regardless of the games.

The Series S feels like the device you wish a year later you hadn't bought and you wish you'd saved just a little longer to get the better model.

Amazing games and sales aside, it's just easier for me to take time to game with it than previous systems have been.

If the Switch doesn't beat the 3DS sales, though, given its position as the only dedicated handheld in the present market, and a hybrid to boot, one could even argue that Nintendo had failed!

You'd have to pay the price of the console for just an equivalent CPU alone on PC.

If it does get anywhere near 150 million I think it will be over a long period of time and a couple of upgrades.

Sure, only about every other console of theirs is a hit for the most part, but even then their games have always been among the highest of quality.

Without a doubt their best system, total agreement with you.

I played Ocarina of Time and Majoras Mask so many times.

Twilight Princess was fun to play on the Wii too.

If I can play those games on the Switch, I may believe the Switch is better than the Wii.

Based on the track record of the Nintendo Switch Online, it won't pass the Wii.

3 Nintendo Switch systems in my household (2 OG, 1 Lite).

Switch is at the peak of its lifecycle while PS4 and XB1 are on the wane (though I doubt we'll see next-gen sales pick up until next year given how much of their library is available on current systems)

My thoughts are that it would be GREAT to get a switch Pro model, but I want it to be at a time that it can seriously have a lot of power in a small box

I've had my current switch around 3 years I think

I just think that the new switch should work with all the old games, and also any new games coming out should be scalable for both style systems

In short its my best Console and handheld i ever had

So, the scalpers bought them and sell them for $400 and yet it's the best selling console for 22 months straight

If it does that it would only be 1 million away from being the best selling console of all time

@SwitchVogel As usual, expect probably about 2 years after the consoles' launches before they're actually selling

I don’t even think that next-gen is gonna scratch it

It looks like the Switch will hit 70M worldwide by the end of the year

Love or hate the Switch, that's just impressive

I think it's pretty much nailed on that the Switch is going to be widely regarded as one of the best consoles of all time

@Zeldafan79 Over 100 million PS4's have sold so i think its safe to say normal console TV gaming is still very much a thing

I was quick enough to get it day 1 and I play on the Switch more than any other system I have (PS4/Xbone/3DS)

I think is time for an upgrade thought, like maybe a Switch Pro???

i dont think the switch will beat the wii, but it will be close

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