Tattoo Artist Wins Lawsuit Over Her Art Appearing On Randy Orton In WWE 2K - Kotaku

Tattoo Artist Wins Lawsuit Over Her Art Appearing On Randy Orton In WWE 2K - Kotaku

Tattoo Artist Wins Lawsuit Over Her Art Appearing On Randy Orton In WWE 2K - Kotaku
Oct 03, 2022 49 secs

Back in 2018, tattoo artist Catherine Alexander filed a lawsuit against Take-Two claiming the video game publisher used her tattoo designs on models of Randy Orton in its WWE 2K games without permission.

This isn’t the first time that a video game company, let alone Take-Two, has been sued for not asking for permission before replicating a celebrity’s tattoos in a video game.

Back in 2016, Take-Two was sued by tattoo artists at Solid Oak Sketches, who own copyrights for tattoos they’ve done for LeBron James and Kobe Bryant, for using LeBron James’ tattoos in the NBA 2K games without permission.

Further back in the lore of video game tattoo legal litigation, THQ was sued in 2012 for unlicensed use of tattoo art on the body of MMA fighter Carlos Condit in UFC Undisputed 3.

Let’s just hope THQ Nordic doesn’t follow by example and not ask permission from wrestler Brody King’s tattoo artist for its upcoming All Elite Wrestling video game.

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