Testing Best Way to Know Difference Between Cold, Flu or COVID - VOA Learning English
Jan 13, 2022 48 secs
Medical experts say the only way to know for sure if you have the common cold, flu or COVID-19 is to get a test because symptoms can be similar.

The flu and COVID-19 have common symptoms, such as cough, fever, tiredness and muscle soreness.

The viruses can all spread before people know they are sick.

Many people who have COVID-19 do not feel sick but they can still spread the virus.

The main difference with COVID-19 is people sometimes lose their ability to smell and taste.

Some people are calling the combination of flu and COVID-19 “flurona.”.

She said the number of people with flu and COVID-19 will increase in the coming weeks and months as the northern hemisphere enters flu season.

While tests are in short supply in some parts of the world, Coleman said the best way to find out is to visit a pharmacy, where you can be tested for both flu and COVID-19 at the same time.

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