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The Moon in Capricorn will unite with Uranus in Taurus giving you a much-needed boost of courage and confidence to break free from those situations in career, love, or even life that you have felt caged within.

But if it drains you then it can often feel like there is no escape. .

This comes down to those situations in which you feel like you’re obligated to continue whether from a financial standpoint or even an external pressure that you or others place on yourself.

Sun in Taurus will align with Pluto in Capricorn which will bring about stable and rational decisions that will allow you to feel highly motivated to see the best way to move through any challenging situation.

Right now, with both the Sun and Uranus in your sign you are being guided to start acting on the changes that you have felt rippling beneath you?

However, the Sun wants to do things now and does not often wait to make a move.

Uranus in Taurus does connect with the Moon so it should mention a nice awareness about your own feelings regarding what you want and who you want to be a part of this next chapter.

You may have felt like things are being taken away from you and focusing on a loss but that is not what all this has been about.

In this, you do have to let things go but it is not a loss, it is simply a rearranging that ends up providing you with more of the life and experiences that you desire.

Allow yourself to receive what this planet of truth wants to fill your life with because you deserve everything that has come to you. 

With the Sun and Uranus both hitting the romantic relationship arena of your life, you are going through a massive transformation of how you love and even who you love

Today, the Sun and Uranus in Taurus bring action and change together

This is reaching that point where you are done just thinking about something and instead want to act in some way shape or form that feels like you are acting from that place of growth

Take time to figure out what it is that you really want and need or even are craving

Use this opportunity to make your soul happy and it does not need to be a big step, but only be important to yourself

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