The 9 absolute best deals this weekend: Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy — get them before they sell out! - Yahoo Lifestyle
Jul 31, 2021 1 min, 45 secs
Now you can hit the best sales with just a few clicks, leaving more time for what matters: friends, family and trying new brownie recipes.

Below I've rounded up some of the best deals happening this weekend at Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart.

Before we dive in, a quick tip: Consider signing up for Amazon Prime, which nets you not only super-fast shipping (usually just two days, sometimes only one!) on most orders, but also a boatload of additional benefits: a huge library of movies and TV shows, discounts at Whole Foods, free music and e-books and lots more.

Even if you're cooking for just one or two people, you'll appreciate the extra space afforded by this model; it's just easier to work with a larger basket.

It doesn't happen often, but right now Best Buy has the best deals anywhere on a handful of Amazon Echo devices.

Read on for more, and be sure to check out all of Best Buy's weekend sale items.

Normally these sell for $100 apiece; Best Buy's bundle drops the per-unit price to just $60.

This is one of the best Dot deals I've ever seen, just $23 each when you buy a pair.

Although it can do all the fabled "Alexa" things, like answering questions, telling you the weather and interacting with other smart-home devices ("Alexa, turn on the bedroom lamp"), it's not the best choice if you plan to listen to music.

For that, consider the larger Echo model, above.

I've spotlighted my top pick below, along with a couple other notable Walmart weekend deals.

I like this HP model for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is its 15.6-inch, full-HD-resolution screen.

The 256GB solid-state drive offers enough storage for the basics, but you may end up needing an external drive for things like video libraries.

'The perfect summer sweater": Over 8,600 reviewers raved about this top — now starting at just $15 at Amazon?

'Get one in every color!': The basic tee just got better — and it's only $17 at Amazon

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